i want threads with build up.
i want shippy threads,
but i don’t like forced ships.
so i want to start from the beginning,
so our muses have to grow to like, hate, or love each other.
i want them to fight.
i want them to go nights without talking.
i want them to go days where they can’t get enough of the other
and others where they hardly want to be around each other.
i want relationship development.
i want threads with build up.
i want to rp real things. that means nothing has to be perfect.

[[One of my friends is teaching me about donger sizes because of the last anon’s question

The things y’don’t learn in school folks— *shot*]]

Anonymous asked: how big is the donger


"The f**k is a donger?”


"I… er… believe the anon refers to your genitals."


"The f**k is a genitals?!


"… Have you always been this mentally vacant? Due to my case of amnesia, I suppose I have the pleasure of reliving your stupidity!" He clears his throat. "The thing between your legs."


"Oh, that’s it? H**l, I dunno…" He casually unbuttons his pants and takes a quick look. "… Er… F**k, I ain’t no good at length! You just wanna look for yourself!?"



sanguine-kiske said: //My Inner Ky is scolding them to get dressed faster. There are peps out here watching. :T


"You moron, the point is to take OFF our clothes! This is why Sol-Senpai will never notice you!

blackgrimoire said: //…I’m imagining them all standing in a line and posing like that at the same time, and it’s hilarious.

The Ragna clones have invented synchronized stripping, ladies and gents. Totally gonna be part of the 2200 Olympics.

usohebi said: // raygna eating hazama’s snickerdoodle and slowly peeling off his shirt

"do i make u honry hazamoo?" *Careless whisper plays*

gattaimuses said: (( Ragna is totally not blushing at Rawrgna. Nope. NOPE. ))

"Eh?" He looks over, inadvertantly posing… well, like this. “What’s Ragna doin’?”



I’ve seen people do this before, and it looks like a good idea.
  My dash gets particularly slow at some portions on the day,
 and I could really use more people to talk and interact with.

   If you could do me a favor and like/reblog this if you’re
                               O C  f r i e n d l y ,
                        that’d be fantastic! Thanks.

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1. What’s your name?: Clonemun
2. Whens your birthday?: November 14th
3. Where are you from?: USA, Iowa
4. Have a crush?: Ragna the Bloodedge—
5. What’s your favorite color?: Red and Blue
6. Write something in caps: HAZAMA’S SNICKERDOODLE
7. Got a favorite band/Artist?: BILLY JOEL!
8. Favorite number?: 666 *shot*
9. Favorite drink?: Coca Cola
10. Tag ten people: ccvienna, azure-messor, ask-ragna-pony, usohebi, eyes-not-yet-closed, power-of-order, theghostlyserpent