That was only because he wasn’t in any deep sleep yet— and that wasn’t very often that it happened. He cracked an eye open at the sense of feeling another presence, groaining slightly.

   ”Whad’dya want, Pinky?”

—He’d blinked, and Ragna suddenly had one eye open! Raygna jumps in surprise, not expecting Ragna to wake up so easily. Although, now that he thought about it, he shouldn’t be so shocked.

"Um… Uh… n-nothing…!" Well this is awkward. He looks around where Ragna’s little ‘sleeping spot’ is. "… Is that… uh… comfortable?

Just A Scratch || Jin & Rawrgna



Jin knew that wasn’t true, but he wasn’t going to flat out tell him he was lying or misguided. “Sometimes, Brother says he gets lonely…never to me, of course, but to other people.” He only knew because he’d gotten an opportunity hear about it, from Noel at least. “He likes it when he gets to be around other people…when they aren’t trying to kill him…” He knew that implied he wasn’t included in the first category.

"Brother always wins when I fight against him…so I probably won’t ever kill him…" He sighed, looking disappointed, but for a different reason. "That’s why I don’t mind…If he doesn’t like me, it’s fine. It’s better if we’re separate, you know? I’m unpredictable…" And I can’t control myself he added in his thoughts. “He deserves a better little brother than me…”

He realized he was rambling and looked back to Rawrgna, smiling. “So even if you are lonely, it isn’t bad.” Jin looked away again. “And if you ever do get hurt worse than usual…you can always come to me.” He figured he might as well offer.

KEH.” Rawrgna loudly snorts. A very dismissive noise. “Ragna gets lonely? Gimme a break! Original loves bein’ alone. Only reason he visits us at all is ‘cause he has to. If it were up ta him, he’d kill off the whole d**ned NOL, and then… I dunno, live in a hole in the ground or somethin’!”

Ragna got lonely? Ragna the f**kin’ Bloodedge got lonely? What was Jin smoking!? Of course Ragna didn’t get lonely, because being lonely was a weak-godd**ned-emotion! Anger’s a strong one! So is hate.

Dark thoughts swirled in Rawrgna’s mind while Jin spoke. Rawrgna didn’t really understand what he meant, but he assumed Jin was either trying to earn his sympathy or just proving how insane he is. (He even looked disappointed about not being able to kill him!) Despite that, as Jin went on, he was doing both successfully, in the eyes of the black clone.

"… ‘Least you’re self-f**king-aware.” Rawrgna grunts, swearing at random now. “Original deserves a h**luva lot better! Like that sister chick ‘a yours’ back! And the stupid NOL gone! And probably all us dumba$$ clones dead or somethin’.”

… He said way too much there. Quick, pretend you didn’t just say that! “Don’t tell me how Ragnas are s’posed ta be.” He growls, but softens a bit almost instantly. “… I’ll think about it. If yer in the area. Not like I’m gonna walk inta your office and start bleedin’ everywhere.”

Not Going to Leave Your Side // Ragna/Rawrgna


     Ragna’s fingers retreated as the light returned to the room, a brightened look appearing on the young boy’s face. Was it over? The darkness wasn’t crushing him anymore and he got up with ease. 


            “You did it! You—-“

     Turning to the clone, Ragna noticed the black hair male fall to the ground. He ran over and looked at his wounds which had become really serious and that wasn’t at all good.


            “H-hey! Don’t die now! Come on! Get up! I can’t carry you and we need to get you help!” 

     Digging in his shirt, he found some bandages and looked at the wound on the clone’s head. It was pretty bad, but hopefully the bandages would suffice until they were able to get him treated. Ragna began to wrap up Rawrgna’s wounds and talked to him.


           "You’ll be okay… bunny girl told me how to treat wounds like these… I use to get them a lot when I was by myself…"

Rawrgna groans lightly. He could barely keep his eyes open. There was hardly a point to even trying - the world around him was dizzy and swirling around. He could still hear Ragna calling to him… he tried to focus on that voice - anything to help him stay awake.

He shifted a little, feeling something touching his face, trying to look up at Ragna. W-what’s he doing…? His vision focused enough on the thing right in front of his face… bandages? Where’d he get those from? More importantly, why was the kid still here, helping him?

The expression on Rawrgna’s face is a mix of confusion and fear, though his exhaustion numbs those a bit.  “… Ragna…” He pants, weakly. “… yer… still here…” He grunts again, feeling the bandages tightening over the gash on his face. It hurt now, but… Ghh, h-he couldn’t ignore it… He wasn’t strong right now. He was weak, and he had to face that.

"… Why didn’t… y-you run…?” Rawrgna asks, voice shaking.

the-ragna-clones started following you


"Wait, riginal…?" Come to think of it, that sided alot like- "Y-you mean, original…? RAGNA?!" Suddenly, she’s all huggy-huggy with her fellow copy. "Yes, yes, take me to him, nooooooowwwwwww~!” She giggles.

"Woooooooooooooooooooo!" Rawrgna whoops, dragging the Murakumo Unit along to his house, not having the sense to realize how friendly she had suddenly gotten. “GUNNA GIVE ‘RIGINAL HIS SISSY BACK N’IT’LL BEYA BIG HAPPY FAM’LY WOOPWOOP!”

It’s a miracle that he hasn’t tripped and fallen over yet while he’s walking.

Just A Scratch || Jin & Rawrgna



"So that isn’t water under the bridge to you, huh…" Jin kind of regretted saying it. In a way, he was more like his brother than the others were, especially with all of that grump.

"I never said you were weak or anything…I didn’t even mean it like that…" He felt bad for coming across like that, especially since he didn’t mean it at all. He had just been caught up in the moment. "Besides, if something happens to you, I’ll be just as sad as if something happens to Brother." At least he was honest.

Jin frowned, though, thinking about what he said of being hurt like this all the time. “Does it ever hurt?” He asked him, his eyes showing genuine concern. “You must be pretty lonely if you always go off by yourself like that…”


Rawrgna grunts, having a look on his face like a threatened animal. “That’s such bulls**t… Don’t you wanna KILL Original, anyways?! Or do ya just wanna be the ‘something that happens’ to him and no one el—”

His accusations stop short at Jin’s next question. Does it ever hurt? Where’s this coming from? What’s that supposed to mean? Why does this crazy jacka$$ look so WORRIED for me!? He gulps when Jin elaborates, his whole body tensing up and his eyes glancing away.

"What’s it to you?" No- No! Wrong answer! That makes it sounds like he’s right! “B-but for the record, of course not! Real Ragnas don’t godd**n get lonely.”

Loneliness was such a weak emotion anyway. What would Original think?

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Just A Scratch || Jin & Rawrgna



"If that’s what you say…" Jin couldn’t ignore it, though, so he continued on dressing his wound, making sure it was wrapped up securely. Once he was done, he smiled. "There. It’s all better now." Not really, but it would get better in time, especially with the way he treated it.

He gave him a skeptical look, starting to give him a scolding. “Don’t jump in front of people when they’re being attacked. You’ll get hurt that way, and next time, it might not be me who’s there to help you when you get a bad cut like this!” Now that that was out of the way, he smiled again. “You worry me. That’s all.”


Rawrgna stayed stone-faced as ever, seemingly unphased by that scolding. If anything, all it did was annoy him. (At least, that’s what he showed.) “Do you know who you’re talkin’ to? I go to bars all the godd**n time, I get in barfights out the a$$, and I don’t need anyone ta save me! I told you it was a godd**n scratch! You’re the one who had to be all pushy about helpin’ me!”

Show him the scars, a part of Rawrgna’s head suggested. His chest and back was littered with scars from the aforementioned barfights, and if he wasn’t so ashamed of them, he might’ve yanked off his shirt right then. He didn’t, though. That wouldn’t accomplish much. Jin’d probably just make fun of him.

"Well ya shouldn’t. Just cause I’m ‘The defective one' accordin' to you, doesn't mean I'm a godd**ned p*ssy.

the-ragna-clones asked: "It's nothing, just a scratch." - Rawrgna


"It’s more than that…" Jin insisted. He was fussing over him, trying to make sure he was okay. "You can’t just do stupid things like that. I was fine…" He huffed as he took care of disinfecting the wound. "I thought you didn’t like me. Why did you do it?"

"Cause… f**k you, that’s why!” Rawrgna snarls, aware of how much sense that didn’t make. He flinches a bit at Jin fussing over the wound and trying to take care of it, but ultimately allows him. “I dunno— I panicked. I’m stupid. I’m drunk— Pick your own godd**n reason.”

He wasn’t actually drunk, but considering what he just did, maybe Jin would buy it.

Not Going to Leave Your Side // Ragna/Rawrgna


     The young one began to tremble under the pressiure and the blade in his hand dropped from his hands out of fear. This thing was just—- It was too strong and it terrified Ragna. Ragna’s skin went pale as he felt something come over him, a memory of something surged through his body causing a pain to course through the right side of his body.

     His body slowly succumbed and dropped to the ground as he covered his head, not wanting to be alone now. He didn’t like the way the shadow spoke to him and told him that he knew nothing, because he really didn’t know. He just wanted all this darkness to disappear. To have this crushing feeling on his body to leave him be and as the shadow’s voice echoed off the walls, it got worse.


            “S—- stop….”

     Ragna could barely force out words as his voice grew shallow and his body trembled under the pressure, clutching his shoulders. He felt a sudden presence join at his side and turned quickly, jumping as Rawrgna’s body collapsed next to him. He moved to the clone’s side and began to shake him gently, a worried expression consuming Ragna’s expression.


            “G-Get up! Come on! Get up!”

     Ragna continued to push at Rawrgna’s side, trying to be encouraging to him enough to help him stand. He wrapped his arm around his arm and tried to pull him to sit up as anxiety started to kick in. The young one’s body began to morph without his knowledge, his fingertips starting to turn into that of the Black Beast’s nature as he tried to pull Rawrgna up.

Rawrgna felt like he was going to black out… He tried so hard to ignore his wounds and how fast his energy was being sapped, but he felt like he was failing. Again. What a surprise… he was nothing but a failure to Ragna, no matter what his age…

… G-gck, NO! He couldn’t think like that! There was still time, and there’s no way in hell he’s leaving Ragna to fight this thing alone! He feels an arm wrap around his own, looking up to see Ragna tugging on him. “H… hh…?” He pants, but just focuses on getting back up to his feet. His eyes flicker around the room, seeing the knife Ragna had pulled on the ground, and… Ragna’s fingers and hands were starting to turn into claws…

"H̼A͔͕͖̭͟ͅA̠A̯̝̺̪̦̥H̥̭̜̠A̗H̶͉̹̹̥͔̪̬Ạ̡̱H҉̝̼A̖̞̫̠͘ͅͅH̱̮̻̗̪̲͝À̼̬̰͈͕̳̦H̪̹A͜!̞͇ ҉̝͙͚͙͚͙H͎͇̪̥͉̯A̙̻A̞̱̫̣̦͔A̛͔̹̻͇̣̝̞A̜̘̦̼̰Á̝͓̖̖A̱̕A͈̻̤̭͘A̢͚̬̳͇A̢̞͓A̘͔̘A̪A̘A̖̩͕̲̱͖̟Ą̺̥̥̼Ạ̪̗̩AA͎̤̻̲̻͍͚HÁ̩̝̠̫H͎A͚̮̩̻̜̳H̪A̺̕H͔͔͈̱͓A͈̼̤͕ḨA̰͠H̨̝͈͖̹̜̬A̸̲̮̘͎̤̥H͈̦͡ͅA͎̞̟̘A̬̭̥̪͞A͉̘̲͇̟̭͠A̧͈̳̺A̗̞͢A͔̦̫A͙̪A̟̺̟ͅA̺̱̹!͉̞̦ͅͅ

There wasn’t any thinking involved when Rawrgna heard that piercing laughter, quickly becoming closer and louder. As if given a fresh shot of adrenaline, Rawrgna leapt up from the ground, accidentally dropping his sword near Ragna’s knife in the process, and stands in front of Ragna. Not half a second later, he sees a blade, and holds his azure arm up.

A CLANG is heard, the sound of metal striking… something. The shadow’s own bloodscythe was out, and it had collided with Rawrgna’s azure grimoire, which shook from the impact. The shadow stopped smiling and seemed to go quiet, leaving an oddly quiet moment in its wake.

"G… gh… I… won’t let you hurt him, d-d**mit…" Rawrgna growls, sounding afraid and desperate. "S-stop… Just… STOP… make it end…! W-what the h**l do you WANT from me…!?” His voice starts to choke up, feeling his own grimoire begin to activate, glowing a dark purple.

"You… You want me t’admit it…!? I-I’m… I’m MISERABLE!" He shouts, pushing back against the shadow’s sword. "Is that what you wanted t’hear!? I’ll never be good enough! I don’t know what to do anymore! But… I’d… NEVER forgive myself if I let Ragna get hurt!”

The shadow’s bloodscythe falls to the ground, its whole body glowing a faint blue.


The other Rawrgna said nothing, only looking downwards as its whole body vanished, and bright-blue light burst from where it had stood. The darkness in the room lifted along with the pressure and gravity, the room now bathed in that light. The pictures stayed, falling to the floor gracefully, like leaves in Fall.

Rawrgna stared off into space, a blank look on his face. It’s… over? Just like that? Before he could think about it, his legs buckled underneath him, and he went crashing to the ground with a THUD. He didn’t know what Ragna was doing, or how he was reacting. He felt spent… he couldn’t even move if he wanted to…